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тип Венчурный фонд
сайт: taventure.com

TA Venture — венчурная компания, инвестирующая в инновационные интернет-проекты в Украине, России и других странах СНГ, а также в США и Европе и на рынках BRIC (в Бразилии, России, Индии и Китае). Компания управляет венчурным фондом с первоначальным капиталом $50 млн и инвестирует в проекты на "посевной" ($50-$300 тыс.) и "ранней" ($300 тыс. — $3 млн) стадиях.




  • Coppertino — Раунд A (2014-04-18) совместно AVentures Capital, TA Venture и Torben Majgaard$3M
  • IQcard — Раунд B (2013-03-05) совместно от Fastlane Ventures, Paradigm Investments и TA Ventures — $2.5M
  • Pufetto — Раунд ? (2013-12-23)
  • BEEPI -- “Buy and sell your car in a Beep!”
  • Zyante -- interactive learning technology for universities.
  • Flipt -- app which allows Realtors to build and publish beautiful reports with fixes, prices, and recommendations for their clients on the go.
  • Lofty -- curated marketplace for valuable fine arts, antiques and collectibles where you can easily buy and sell vintage items, watches, furniture, jewelry etc.
  • HotelScan -- search service for keen travelers who want to find the lowest prices for the best hotels.
  • Ittavi -- seeks to revolutionize family financial management by creating simple yet effective software to help single, divorced, separated and blended families manage their financial relationships.
  • CheckiO -- offers puzzles and challenges in a virtual world, which aim to teach players to write software code in a fun way.
  • Luxodo -- brings together the best fashion and design stores in Europe on one platform.
  • makerist -- online community for creatives.
  • We Are Holidays -- (India) offers exciting holiday packages that can be booked and customized online, in a few easy steps.
  • Tushky -- marketplace for real-world leisure activities in India.
  • Little Eye — Раунд ? (2013-06-??)
  • HackerEarth -- helps connect smart programmers and great companies.
  • ZAPR -- mobile app to reward you for watching TV, which makes television advertisements interactive.
  • Auctionata — Раунд C (2015-03-30) совместно Kite Ventures, Bright Capital, MCI Management, Hearst Ventures, Kreos Capital, Yuan Capital, e.ventures, TA Venture, REN Invest, Holtzbrink, Earlybird и Raffay Group$45M
  • Minbox -- lightweight Mac app that sends files of any size at lightning speed. Minbox disrupts the file-sharing space with a product that’s simple, fast and free.
  • Topmall.ua -- new online store with a wide assortment of only original outfits of the well-known world brands available at attractive prices
  • NU3 -- your expert for nutrient based products like vitamins, minerals, amino acids and super-foods.
  • WallStr -- online platform for thousands of companies to buy everything they need for business ranging from paper clips to avia tickets.
  • Happify -- fun online service guiding people to a happier life.
  • Spunk -- is a mobile payment solution provider focused on emerging markets that monetizes a growing mobile internet traffic enabled by social gaming and mobile services, through carrier billing.
  • Dream Lines -- offers you the opportunity to compare different cruise deals directly with each other
  • TranscribeMe -- makes audio and video content searchable and shareable by converting speech to text, fast.
  • FINANZ CHECK -- independent online comparison site for personal finance products. It can compare insurance, loans, as well as retirement and investment products
  • Captalis -- Financial lead generation company (insurance and banking products).
  • Bravofly -- one of European leaders in travel and leisure industry.
  • FLACONI -- Premium online beauty shopping.
  • SumUp
  • GetGoing -- helps airlines sell vacant seats by offering airfare discounts for leisure travelers.
  • ADORE ME -- exclusive shopping club whose members receive a monthly newsletter on designer lingerie that suits their taste.
  • Urbanara -- online service that offers high quality original textiles and home accessories at produce’s price.
  • We Hostels -- mobile booking tool for budget travelers.
  • MILE HIGH ORGANICS -- American e-commerce company that delivers high quality organic groceries without GMO to corporate and individual customers.
  • Boatbound -- first and only fully insured “pier-to-pier” marketplace for boat rentals in the US.
  • Fantasy Shopper -- social shopping platform which integrates online and offline fashion retail in a unique and entertaining environment.
  • Pixonic -- Issuer of games for social networks and applications, Russia.
  • Bravoavia -- Search and booking service with offers from conventional and low cost airlines, hotels and car rent agencies (around the world) with target markets in Russia, Ukraine, and other CIS countries.
  • LINGUEE -- Search and translation engine
  • Zesty
    — Раунд А (2014-04-??) от ABRT и TA Ventures — $2M
    — Раунд B (2014-04-??) от ABRT, TA Ventures, Maya Capital, Mangrove Capital Partners, Qualcomm Ventures и Innovation Capital$7.2M
  • Sense.ly — Раунд А (2015-06-22) совместно Launchpad Digital Health, TA Ventures и Fenox Venture Capital$2.2M
  • Tailored
  • Mile High Organics
  • WeHostels
  • AdoreMe